Alex's Discovery

short stories

Alex's Discovery

A teenaged boy grows up on the moon. One of the first generations to be born and die on the moon, he is the son of a wealthy entrepreneur. He has his own personal robot which acts as a companion. The robot, Michelle, acts as a teacher, protector, parent, and personal assistant.

The Big One-Oh

"Alex, it's time to wake up."

He cracked his eyes open and the blurry room came into existence. Less than a second elapsed and the room came into focus. Alex realized Michelle was sitting in the chair next to his bed beaming at him. He always found comfort in her eyes and warm smile.

"Happy birthday! Hustle up and get ready. Your father is waiting downstairs and breakfast will be ready soon."

Alex sat up on the edge of the bed and put his feet on the floor.

A few steps away was several feet and several layers of plastic and metal arranged to produce a large window. Alex knew he was fortunate to have a window; his father always told him so. Each morning he would take the few steps and stare out into the distance trying... longing to appreciate it. The landscape sprawling out in front of him looked desolate. What was so great about it anyway? The dirt never moved, not that he had ever seen. Sometimes you would see ships coming and going. Otherwise, he wasn't sure what Dad loved about staring into the void. There didn't seem to be much out there...

"Alex, you need to get ready," Michelle reminded him. Still lingering, she snapped him back to reality. Let the boy have his moment but keep him on track.

Alex turned to face Michelle. She had laid out clothes for the day on his bed, and his pad was ready on the stand next to it. She was always so considerate. With her encouragement, he quickly got ready. The door opened with a whoosh; he and Michelle were immediately upon the living room. Alex's father, Marcel, stood in the kitchen and greeted him excitedly, "Hey, bud!"

"Where's Mom?" Alex asked eyeing the breakfast prepared by his father.

"She's still getting ready. She should be in here soon. We got you a great present this year." Hoping to win Alex over, he gestured toward the table a few feet over. Atop the table sat some sort of mysterious bulge covered with a table cloth. Excitement arose in Alex and he wondered what it could be. He took a few steps closer and Marcel warned, "You need to wait until your mother is here, though. She'll want to see you open it."

Disappointed, Alex turned back toward the kitchen to get a plate. He knew it would be more than a few minutes. His mother always took her time getting ready, especially took her time when others were waiting on her, and ESPECIALLY took her time when some exciting was about to happen. * Establish setting. * Well-to-do high population city on the moon. * May 2111. * Introduce Michelle.

5th Year

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Event 4 - Age 11

Event 5 - Age 12

Event 6 - Age 13