Mentor-Instructor-Counselor Series 5

Sol Industries Mentor-Instructor-Counselor Series 5, often called MIC 5, was a robot produced in small quantities for the functions of mentoring, instructing, and counseling children. This series of machine was manufactured exclusively during the years 2100-2104 within the Crisium Lunar Colony. The robots purported advanced artificial intelligence capabilities far beyond most machines of the time period, but this was achieved through the use of a dedicated team of employees. Working in shifts and entirely abstracted from the end user of the machine, the combined efforts enabled the robot to be more human-like and nurturing than any previous model. The use of humans in this manner created ethical controversy which caused the MIC program to ultimately and abruptly be ended in 2104. All robots of this series were made available through a limited lease-only agreement and were repossessed by Sol. The repossessed units are presumed to have been deactivated, crushed, and recycled.

Notable Models


Michelle was the nickname given to the model owned by Alex da Fonte during his pre-adolescence. Michelle plays a integral part of the plot of Alex's Discovery.