The Venom Event - Dev Log - 1

Implemented multiplayer networking and made cosmetic changes to the player and background.

The Final Parsec studio has begun development on a new game, The Venom Event. It is a 2D platformer where players are pitted against each other in arena style games. Our aim is to have high-energy and fast paced gameplay. We plan to accomplish this by having unique movement mechanics using grappling hooks, teleportation, and velocity boots.

Now that the game definition is out of the way, let's talk about where it stands now.

We started by copying the Tower Bridge Defense demo from the Unity website since it contains most of the basic infrastructure for a platformer game. From there, our first development task was to get some form of multiplayer networking implemented. Right now the client that creates the game is also the host server. The server receives updated player velocity and position every time a client updates. This means that the clients have authority on where their player is in the game. This is considered a poor implementation since the client can spoof server messages. We plan on changing it so the server receives client inputs and then sends updated game state information back to the clients.

Then we made a few cosmetic changes to the game. Adding our own background and swapping out the Bean hero for our Lunar Pioneer. We also made it so the player is always facing the side the mouse is on and points his gun at the mouse icon.

We still need to get the game working over the internet instead of LAN and make the final decision on what data to pass around. You can see the current state of the game for yourself in the video below.

See you next time.

Play the Venom Event Alpha

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