Venom Event

2D platformer and shooter set in a dystopian space-themed future.


Small batch ice cream made on demand by a robot in our garage.

Aurora TD

Tower defense game for mobile where you fend off evil spirits.

Sliding Barks

A sliding block puzzle game with cute pictures of dogs!

Legacy Earth

Fun, fast-paced rail shooter in the Snakes in Space universe.


Deploying Unity Games to iOS

If you're used to working on Windows but want to deploy your Unity game for iOS, read up on our step by step guide.

  • 7 months ago

Historically, we have avoided publishing our games on the Apple App Store since there is a recurring cost of $99 per year associated with having the required developer account. The Google Play Store only wanted a one-time $25 fee, and we were all Android users back in the day. Over the last couple ...

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