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Venom Event

The year is 2155, 50 years after the events of Legacy Earth. Humanity is scattered across Earth, the Moon, Mars, and various satellites. After decades of destructive war, corporate power has regressed. Those who still remain fight for the resource...

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Aurora TD

A tower defense game where you can defend against evil spirits! You are an Inuit shaman sworn to protect Tomkin, the home of the spirits. Tonrar, the evil spirit, is attempting to bring darkness to the ice caps. You must repel his forces b...

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ATD By Matt

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Deploying Unity Games to iOS

If you're used to working on Windows but want to deploy your Unity game for iOS, read up on our step by step guide.

  • 8 months ago

Historically, we have avoided publishing our games on the Apple App Store since there is a recurring cost of $99 per year associated with having the required developer account. The Google Play Store only wanted a one-time $25 fee, and we were all Android users back in the day. Over the last couple ...

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