Venom Event Update

Baer Bradford 10/13/2018

We've released a new build of The Venom Event.

Play Online Here.

We're putting up the 2nd iteration of our new game today. Over the last couple of weeks, we have put most of our focus on getting the player movement mechanics of the game feeling good. Jumping is better, you can double tap to dash, and we've built out a grapple hook functionality. There is also now a game over condition which can be triggered by falling to your death.

For our next bit of work, we are planning to get a victory condition, continue refining movement mechanics, and start building out the first level as a sort of tutorial to teach controls / objectives.

Release notes (20181013.1):

- Initial implementation of dashing. Double tap A or D quickly to activate your jet pack in the desired direction.
- Fix some issues with jumping.
- Fix animation where player would appear to run forward while moving backwards.
- Initial implementation of DatGrap, a grappling hook that you can use by pressing E. This emits a projectile and pulls the player to it when it hits something.
- Moving platforms actually use physics now and aren't so wonky.
- Elevator platform has been converted into a more conservative bouncy platform.
- Camera movement:
    - Will not follow player if they are plunging to their death.
    - Follows the player with a bit less lag now.
- Game over condition which can be triggered by falling to your death. A simple overlay and then the game restarts you back at the beginning.