Jump Calculator

The Jump Calculator is a comprehensive tool for designing and testing jumps in a 2D platformer game. The calculator allows you to input desired jump characteristics, and generates the remaining jump parameters. You can adjust these parameters in real-time to fine-tune the jump mechanics and test the jump trajectory. With the built in prototype, there's no need to constantly make changes to your game. Build a solid jump in this tool and easily bring over the changes all at once!

Move the player with A key & D key
Jump with Spacebar

Perfect your jump

In the input fields, you can choose two variables to remain constant and give them your desired value.
Jump Height is how high the player can jump.
Time to Apex is the time in seconds it takes to reach the peak of the jump.
Initial Velocity is the launch speed off the ground.
Gravity is the force pulling the player back down.

You can also designate a Minimum Jump Height. If you barely tap of the space bar, the player will still reach a certain height.
After you have the variables set, The Save button will download a basic Player Controller script you can add to your Unity project!