Legacy Earth Alpha Release

The very first build of Legacy Earth! The first three missions are available to play and then it will abruptly stop.

Keep in mind this is a pre-release build. We have more missions and content coming soon. Ultimately, the game will have 10 missions total, new types of boss battles, and an epic story line.

Download the Legacy Earth Alpha for Windows

Legacy Earth is the first installment of the Space Snakes trilogy and a space-themed rail shooter built with Unity3d. You play the role of Charles Storm, a pilot in a dystopian future.

Dodge missile fire, take out turrets, dog fight with enemy patrols, and battle bosses as you execute the will of your corporate employer, Sol Industries. The stateless conglomerate headquartered in a powerful lunar city employs you as a part of a highly trained and militarized group called GARS, short for Government Asset Repossession Squadron.

Your mission is simple: repossess assets from countries who default on their debts to Sol.


The year is 2115.

Due to a lack of funding, government space exploration fell behind those sponsored by private enterprise. In order to avoid regulation and interference, corporations headquarted on the moon. Corporate entities like Sol Industries are able to provide better wages and a higher standard of living to their employees working on the moon. The moon has become a place a for the ultra elite and powerful while humans living on Earth fall into poverty. Corporations are loaning money to governments and sovereign default is a risk. In response, Sol Industries has formed the Government Asset Repossession Squadron. GARS is a highly militarized and effective space force. Corporate jobs like these are highly coveted and usually mean relocation to the moon. Our hero, Charles Storm, has applied to be pilot for GARS...

Download the Legacy Earth Alpha for Windows

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