Aurora TD Final Update!

The Final Parsec team brags about their latest and final release of the Aurora Tower Defense game.

If you didn't watch the video, we discussed all the changes that have been made to Aurora Tower Defense since initially releasing the game almost a year ago. In our first update, we added a medium difficulty and a new mode of play where you face an endless stream of enemies. Next, we added a leaderboard for the game where players can compare scores and compete with one another. In our final update (the one we just released today), the UI has been entirely redone and we've added the option to play the game at multiple speeds. It was at this update that we decided to release a free version of the game "Aurora TD Free". It has all the same great gameplay and features as our original version; we've just added advertisements to support it.

Click the link below to grab the free version and start playing on your Android device.

If you want to support Final Parsec and play without seeing ads, we've lowered the price of the paid version to $0.99!

If you're on a computer and you've got the Unity Player Plugin, just head over to the Aurora TD game page and play right in your web browser!

As always, you can follow along with the development of our games. The source is available over on GitHub and we have an entire series of tutorials and videos to get you up to speed.

We'll be posting soon to talk about the team's upcoming work in the tower defense / strategy genre. Until then, keep playing and keep in touch!

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