How to Upload And Host Unity WebGL Games on FinalParsec

Learn how to use the Final Parsec plugin for Unity to easily make WebGL builds of your game and host it online for FREE!

How to Upload And Host Unity WebGL Games on FinalParsec

Official Plugin (Recommended)

Using the plugin is the quickest and easiest way to host your Unity games for free.
If you don’t already have the Official Plugin, go here to get it!

1. First, open the upload window.

2. Now add a Game Name. You’ll also need to select and add the scenes you want to include in the build.
The scenes can also be managed from the Build Settings.

3. Then press the Upload Game button to build and upload your game to FinalParsec.
When the upload is finished you’ll see a button to where you can play and claim your game.

Manual Upload

1. First, make a webGL build of your game.
Here’s a detailed guide on how to do this.

2. Navigate to the build folder that was created. These are the files we need to upload to FinalParsec.

3. Log into your account.
Click on your profile picture which will take you to your account page.
Now click the Upload button.

4. Add the name of your game, a preview picture, and a summary.
For the Filename field, upload the 4 build files created in step 2.
Now simply upload the game.

5. The screen will refresh, and your new game should now be listed in your Games section.
Simply click on your game to play it!

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