Scurvy Siege Dev Log 1

Baer Bradford 10/24/2015

The first of a series, we introduce Final Parsec's current project. Scurvy Siege takes piece from our past games to make a great new experience in the tower defense genre.

So we have decided to stop development on Legacy Earth indefinitely. The game was taking a lot longer than we expected and there was never really any plan to monetize it. Instead we are making a new game in the tower defense genre, Scurvy Siege. This pirate-themed strategy game will be a fork from Aurora Tower Defense.

The game is off to a great start and Matt has made a video describing a lot what we have done so far.

This is a great opportunity for us to go refactor and improve on the code base of one of our most successful game.

So far, we've modified the game to actually be isometric. Aurora Tower Defense had the isometric look and feel, but wasn't truly isometric in the strict definition of the term. Now we have a 2D mapping system which is capable of supporting a standard grid (think about an overhead view game like Nauticus Act 3 or RimWorld) or isometric grid (think about a view off to the side with more a 3D look, something like Age of Empires). Switching between these two map types is now simply a matter of configuration and having the right art in place.

We have made a couple changes which really allow us to have much larger map sizes than that which exists in Aurora Tower Defense today (15 x 15 nodes if I remember correctly). Scurvy Siege now supports panning and zooming of the camera (along with drag and pinch support for touch / mobile devices). In addition to this, we have built a texture generator which will stitch all the isometric tiles together to make a single large image during development. This prevents us from having to build the map art and animations pixel by pixel at the start of the game which could negatively affect performance.

We have the beginnings of supporting multiple maps and fully intend to take advantage of it. The plan at this point is a campaign with 3 missions / maps for our initial release. Essentially the point is... almost everything to do with maps in the game is much more configurable and robust. You can specify multiple spawn locations for enemies and configuration their destination.

When we are done with this game, practically none of the original art will be left. We have done some initial work on iso tiles to make an ocean. Take a look and see how it's going.

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Hope you guys enjoy this. Let us know what you think on your favorite social media. We'll be back with an update soon!