Tower Defense Tutorials Part 3

Matt Bauer 10/12/2014

The third video tutorial of a series which takes you through the process of building a tower defense game.

If you've been following along with our video tutorial series, your game should now have a map with the basic interaction of placing turrets. To get the core functionality of our game, we will be needing enemies to move across the map. They will also need to navigate around turrets on the way to their destination.

This tutorial goes over how to move enemies on the grid we have created and how to use A* pathfinding to avoid obstacles. Pathfinding of this nature is something we have already implemented in a previous game (Nauticus Act III), so we're just going to reuse the component. If you are actually looking to implement pathfinding from scratch, we cover this in depth in a previous tutorial.

With enemies, we now really have the essence of a tower defense game in place. There are some obvious next steps here however... turrets still aren't attacking and having a single enemy doesn't make for a very interesting game. Our upcoming tutorials will show how to address these challenges.

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